Seattle Best Boba Tea Catering

1067 Southcenter Mall, Seattle, WA

About Seattle Best Boba Tea Catering

Specialties Kung Fu Tea is the most popular tea-based beverage brand in the U.S. We offer Bubble Tea/Boba, smoothies, milk tea, classic brewed tea, punch, slush, coffee and milk caps(milk foam). All of our drinks are freshly made and shaken when you order. Teas are freshly brewed every 3 hours, and all of our bubbles/boba are freshly cooked every 2 hours. Kung Fu Tea has been bringing authentic bubble tea to the United States since our founding in 2010. We pack the most natural, flavorful and quality ingredients to provide you a diverse range of freshly made tea-based beverages. Whether you're visiting our first store or our hundredth store, a store in New York or a store in Seattle, you'll find that our flavor is always consistent. Inspired by the Kung Fu spirit - the desire for self improvement and to expand one's capability beyond limits previously thought possible, the company's four founders cultivated a distinct culture and community around their favorite childhood drink. Kung Fu Tea has remained the innovative paradigm of tea-based ready to drink category both in the United States and internationally. We strive to allow customers to partake in a genuine and refreshing Kung Fu Tea experience that is consistent across all of our locations. With customers' benefits in mind, we created our rewards APP on IOS and Android for quick, seamless payment. Join us in the revolution as we reinvent tea and change the face of the beverage industry-Fresh,Innovative, Fearless. History Established in 2010. Established in New York City in 2010. Currently Kung Fu Tea has over 130 stores across the U.S, Australia, Canada and Vietnam.
  • Special Features: Asian Style non-alcohol drink. Tea, Bubble Tea, Fruit Tea, Sandwich, Snack, Dessert, Egg Waffle All the drinks are non-diary. We provide vegan choices.