Tillicum Village
2992 SW Avalon Way Seattle, WA
About Tillicum Village
Since 1962, thousands of groups have visited Tillicum Village for the fresh salmon dinner and to experience Northwest Coast Native American culture. Located only 8 miles from Seattle's downtown waterfront, this beautiful shoreline setting provides a perfect location, accommodating groups from 15 to 1000. Tillicum Village was built on Blake Island with private funds, then donated to the state. The Tillicum Village Northwest Coast Indian Cultural Center and Restaurant opened in 1962. Salmon has been a primary food staple of the Pacific Northwest for thousands of years. At Tillicum Village, guests have the rare opportunity to savor this centuries old treat! The flavor of salmon baked around alder wood fires held vertically on four-foot cedar stakes is unlike anything you have ever tasted. Taking approximately one hour to bake slowly to perfection, the salmon cooked this way retain their moisture and take on a wonderful mild flavor unique to this style of cooking. The Tillicum Village feast begins with a sampling of another Northwest delight, steamed clams in a tasty nectar broth. The First Nations People would gather clams at low tide, build a fire on the beach to heat rocks that were then dropped into a water filled cooking basket along with the delicious clams, bringing the water to a boil and cooking the clams. After eating the clams, Tillicum Village guests are encouraged to drop the empty shells on the pathway and crush them before continuing on into the Tillicum Village Longhouse. Tillicum Village is proud to be able to preserve dances such as the Dance of the Terrible Beast and the Lummi Blanket Dance, given to the Hewitt family to share with guests at Tillicum Village. Tillicum Village is a unique and picturesque setting for a waterfront wedding. Your wedding will encompass the exclusiveness of a secluded island, as well as the rustic peaceful Northwest surroundings. We can accommodate both large and small groups. We have more intimate areas for smaller groups. The back of the longhouse opens to a large Northwest Garden beautifully landscaping, enhanced by totem poles and Northwest Native artwork, perfect for an outdoor event. While using the Tillicum Village facility, take advantage of our delicious Northwest menu including our traditionally baked Northwest Salmon. We have a complete appetizer and dessert menu that is highly recommended for the more eloquent events.
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