Housley Photography

Huntsville, AL

About Housley Photography

Wedding photography is our soul. Spending our day with beautiful couples in love is amazing & always leaves us in awe. We feel so honored when we get to spend a day with a bride & her groom on their wedding day. It's the day that they begin their lives together as their own family, & we get to be there to capture that unforgettable event for them to share with their family & friends for years to come. Even with hundreds of weddings over the years, wedding photography just has a special place here at Housley Photography. No two weddings are the same & each has its own unique charm. It is just amazing how every wedding can be so distinctive & special. We offer several different wedding packages within a wide price range & many different options to choose from. If you have a package in mind that we don't offer, let us know so we can build you a unique wedding package from our à la carte options. There is no way we could hear enough about your upcoming wedding through email. We want to meet with you in person & hear all about your special day & that love of your life. We want to get to know both of you & arrive at your wedding as friends with cameras instead of just another wedding photographer. By knowing your personalities, we will capture your true story that represents the lives you share together. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event & we want to help make it unforgettable... literally! We have several different wedding albums that will stand the test of time to share with generations to come. Wedding photography is more than a job to us. It is a very unique opportunity to capture & preserve the most intimate details of a once in a lifetime event for you. Long after your wedding cake & flowers are gone, our wedding photography gives you a way to relive your most important moments time & time again for generations to come...