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1231 4th street Santa Monica, CA
What are you looking for in your ideal event space? Naam Yoga LA has great options for all of your needs. Our brightly-lit, expansive rooms are embedded in a wellness facilty and are the perfect venue for team building events, meetings, concerts, lectures and other gatherings. The Energy in space is Calibrated and specifically designed to facilitate stress reduction and creative thinking. Located within walking distance of the beach, the Promenade, many upscale hotels and adjacent to free parking, we are glad to offer the following spaces: • Main Studio (approx. 3000 sq feet) - Perfect for events, presentations, conventions, corporate day-retreats, trainings, dance events, weddings, and more. This beautiful large studio with many skylights is a perfect venue for any type of weekend event. The space has access to a lounge area, 3 small breakout rooms and an additional smaller studio. • 2nd Floor Studio (approx. 600 sq feet) - An intimate space for smaller events, classes, workshops, small art exhibits or smaller training programs. • Healing Rooms (approx. 150 sq feet) - These smaller spaces are perfect for private sessions or semi-private sessions. Each with a distinctive feel, these beautiful spaces are perfect for deep relaxation and connecting with your higher self. For more information on Naam Yoga LA studio rental including pricing, availability, floorplans andadd-on services, please contact *NOT DISPLAYED* and/or *NOT DISPLAYED* or phone (646) 287-2859.
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