4645 Carmel Mountain Rd. Ste. #201 San Diego, CA
Porkyland Restaurants and catering are located in the beautiful San Diego, California. We specialize in Authentic Mexican Food and Catering Services. We are dedicated to giving you the best quality service and food, through our restaurants and catering services. We always use the finest ingredients when creating our made-fresh-daily menus. When you order from us, you can rest assured your order will be prepared fresh that day!
Package Pricing

5 PEOPLE - I feed my five with love, like a morning dove.

$43.95 Per Event

10 PEOPLE - Valentine's Goldmine

$86.95 Per Event

Los Enamorados

Attendees: 25-100 | $400 - $1,400 Per Event

Amor A Primera Vista

Attendees: 25-100 | $475 - $1,675 Per Event

Los Tortolitos

Attendees: 25-100 | $550 - $1,950 Per Event
Event Spaces