Poke Loco

14600 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK

About Poke Loco

Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. It’s the next generation of sushi. But easier to eat. Poke Loco strives to meet everyone's health needs, while providing a delicious meal. Our catering menu includes Poke Bowls, Thai Fusion Tacos, Acai Energy Bowls, and Sushi Burritos. With proteins including; ahi tuna, spicy ahi tuna, salmon, crispy chicken, coconut shrimp, shrimp tempura, chili lime shrimp & tofu. Our catering manager would love to discuss how to help make your next event or meeting perfect without the fuss of allergies, dietary needs, or picky eaters being upset. Still not convinced? We'd love to have you in to test the product, see the options, and get to know our staff.

Package Pricing

Go Loco with Poke Loco
Attendees: 0-15000 | $5 - $17 /person
Pricing for all event types
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 1500
  • Special Features: Our catering is completely customizable. You may pick pre-prepared bowls, burritos, tacos, or Acai energy bowls to feed your guests quickly or you may choose a build it there option. Whichever you choose, we will make sure it is fantastic and on time.