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We are a professional brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black aluminum oxide, pink corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, garnet manufacturer and supplier, having more than 19 years manufacturing experience, 35,000m2 workshop area, serving customers worldwide. Our Mission is to provide high quality, factory price products to you! We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient production turnaround for our clients, no matter the size of the order. Welcome to contact us for best offer and free samples! We will reply within 24 hours! In order to mark the pressure scale, the most correct method is to scale according to some unrelated phenomena. A half bridge composed of a working resistor and a compensation resistor is connected to the measuring circuit with a connecting wire. When the stress is close to the fracture stress of the sample, the ultrasonic signal begins to weaken obviously due to the structural change of the sample. The above sensor composed of triode group can send discontinuous signals. It is suitable for equipping various measuring and inspection instruments. The instruments and sensors are produced by talinsky test instrument factory. The hydrometer method is based on akilaide principle and uses floating buoy or immersion buoy as sensor. It is understood that some types of automatic densitometers work according to the principle of pyknometer method. In the abrasive industry, it is necessary to inspect and measure the humidity when manufacturing organic bond abrasive tools.
  • Special Features: It is possible to compare and analyze the data obtained by conductance measurement only when the measurement conditions are strictly constant.