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Good vendors for step and repeat banners are hard to find. Either you end up with a printer that has a low price and terrible quality or a very high price tag- not anymore. is here to change that. We offer 8' x 8' banners starting at $98.00 and 10' x 8' banners starting at $118.00! Talk about a bargain. 1 Verified Reviews Powered By Kudobuzz Don't have a design? Not a problem! Whether it is for your end of year corporate events or your daughter's birthday party, our team of expert graphic designers is ready to assist. Just send us your logo files or a general idea of what you want on the step and repeat banner and we will send you a proof within 30 minutes during normal business hours. Now, what makes our step and repeat banners different from everyone else? First, our printers are commercial grade HP latex printers which utilize brand new technologies which makes your prints far more scratch-resistant and (best of all) your banner does not have that nasty smell of ink from traditional solvent prints. Technology is advancing, shouldn't your prints be as well? Also, did I mention we are fast. Get your step and repeat finalized and paid for by 12 noon EST. Mon-Fri and we will ship out same day, so what are you waiting for? Order with and let us show you why we are the best in the business.