Laser Production Network "LaserNet"

20205 NE 15th Ct, Miami, FL

About Laser Production Network "LaserNet"

"The Worlds' Most Experienced Laser Company" Lasers are one of the best ways to excite an audience and impress a group. The pencil-thin beams of intense color are like no other lighting effect. Whether it is beams shooting around an arena, or larger-than-life, vibrant graphic logos and animations -- lasers get the attention you want. When it comes to laser light shows, no one does it better than LaserNet. We provide you with the best in laser shows, laser installations, laser equipment, and laser service and repairs. LaserNet has been in business since 1968 and is one of the world’s leading laser companies. We have produced laser shows, and sold lasers and projectors all over the globe. With our location in Miami, FL, and multilingual staff, we are especially strong in Central and South America, and in the Caribbean as well. Starting out doing laser shows in theaters and planetariums as Eye See The Light Show, LaserNet is definitely the world’s most experienced laser company and over the years has expanded greatly to make laser shows available to anyone wanting that extra something that will make their event even more spectacular. LaserNet works hard to make every event special, and our entire staff is dedicated to bringing our clients the best show possible!