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5723 Baird Drive, Memphis, TN
Very Happy - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Thank you Carole - you delivered a wonderful style to our photographs that make them very special and engaging. We couldn’t be happier with picking Pizazz Photography

Great Choice - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Working with Pizazz Photography was the most stress-free part of planning our wedding, and by far our best investment. My husband and I spoke to many photographers before we found Pizazz, and not one of them offered a package as reasonably priced and complete as Carole did. Our wedding photos are beautiful, creative, and original. We couldn't be more pleased! Carole's professionalism and expertise are definitely deserving of a 5/5 rating! She is wonderful to work with and we highly recommend her.

We're glad we chose Pizazz Photography - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Carole was a fantastic photographer for our wedding!! She was flexible with her time and our budget, easy going, comfortable to talk to, and very responsive. The process of interaction throughout our wedding experience was a real pleasure. Before and during our wedding and reception, Carole managed to capture the most intimate moments, making our collection very personal to our wedding style. She took photos of us both in a formal style, and of us "in the moment", smiling, laughing, walking. By capturing all of these poses, she made our pictures come alive and this is the most salient aspect of her skill. It made our collection unlike any other I've seen and it will be a real pleasure to view them over and over again!!

Pizazz Photography was wonderful - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Carole was amazing! She was so sweet, responsive and helpful during the planning phase and then on the wedding day she was extremely calming and just did her thing... not at all in the way or pushy like some vendors can be. All of the guests adored her... and most of all, her beautiful WORK! I will certainly recommend her to friends and family.

Great Service - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Carole did an awesome job on my wedding photos! She was fun to work with and captured everything that I'd hoped for. When I look at my pictures I am thankful that I chose Pizazz as my photographer! She has a talent for capturing details and telling the story of your day.

Pizazz Photography was FIRST RATE - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

We cannot say enough about how great of a photographer Carole was. Leading up to the day she was organized and helpful. When our DJ had to cancel a few months before our event, it was Rachel who recommended a great replacement. The pictures are phenomenal! She managed a huge crowd of sometimes rambunctious guests, made sure to get all of the posed photos we requested and tons of candids that really captured our day. The photos she took are a true reflection of the best day of our lives.

Great Service - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Pizazz Photography was WONDERFUL! Carole was nice and easy going and great to work with at the initial meeting, engagement session, and actual wedding. Plus, most importantly, the pictures she took are gorgeous. She took a good mix of creative and traditional pictures. She really listened to what we wanted and made sure to capture all of the important moments of the night. We are SOOO happy that we hired Carole - you would be lucky to have her!

We loved Pizazz Photography - An Eventective User from Millington, TN

I haven't seen all my wedding pictures but from the ones I have seen in our teaser email, I LOVE them ! Carole did an absolute wonderful job of capturing our special day and moments. She is really flexible and was willing to work with us on our idea when it came to the wedding and our engagement pictures. She is a really nice person to top it off who really wants to take care of her customers and is willing to go the extra mile to do so. I thought her prices were fair and I appreciate all of her hard work and cooperation ! I would recommend Pizazz Photography to anyone looking for a great photographer !

Very Pleased! - An Eventective User from Memphis

We cannot say enough about how great of a photographer Carole was. Leading up to the day she was organized and helpful. When our DJ had to cancel a few months before our event, it was Rachel who recommended a great replacement. The pictures are phenomenal! She managed a huge crowd of sometimes rambunctious guests, made sure to get all of the posed photos we requested and tons of candids that really captured our day. The photos she took are a true reflection of the best day of our lives.

Thanks Pizazz - An Eventective User from Memphis

Carole was so nice and easy going when we had our first visit, with both myself, and my family. As this was the first time I had ever consulted a photographer, I really wasn't sure what to ask; But, she was very informative of the services she offered, and was even more concerned with all the special moments that I wanted to capture on my day, in addition to the normal couple, group, and family shots. I was very impressed by that! Two months before my wedding my reception site canceled on me, and when I informed Carole of the last minute changes, she was very understanding, and assured me that it wasn't an issue, nor did he try to have me pay for the last minute site change. My husband and I were extremely happy with the quality of service we received

We loved Pizazz Photography - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Just last Friday I received one of my very favorite wedding gifts: a little black box from Pizazz Photography containing two discs of all our wedding photos!! Upon receiving this exciting treasure, I proceeded to fall into some sort of black hole for the next several hours as I poured over the beauty and detail in each photograph. I couldn't tear myself away from the computer! Carole’s talent is overwhelmingly evident in every single picture she gave us... and there are hundreds!! She captured my wedding in a beautiful manner that not only reflected the style of the event, but also the love and relationship between my husband and me. Carole has allowed us to remember our wedding in a "picture perfect" way :)

Thanks Pizazz! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Pizazz Photography was the only photographer that we met with. After our meeting we were so satisfied with what he had to offer us that we signed the contract that day. The amount of pictures that we had agreed to, was exactly what we wanted. Everyone else that I'd spoken with over the phone wanted almost 50% more for their services & offered a lot less. Carole captured portraits not just pictures. He was very professional & understanding when I had my wardrobe malfunction. They changed things around on their schedule to make sure that the time being spent waiting for me wasn't wasted. We love the “teaser photos” and cant wait to see our whole set of pictures. I will recommend Pizazz Photography to every I know!

Great Photographer - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Pizazz Photography was more than I could have hoped for. They captured every moment of my wedding day and the quantity and quality of the images were amazing. I got everything I could have wanted, at a third of the price every other photographer I had consulted with . Carole is a pleasure to deal with , and so easy to communicate with ! I just received my teaser-pictures and am so impressed with what Carole created . I would recommend Pizazz Photography without any reservations!

Great Photographer! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

After seeing Carole's photos on the Pizazz Photography website, I knew I wanted her as my photographer. I was so happy to find out she was available on such sort notice. From our first contacts via email she was always professional and helpful. She was a sheer pleasure to work with on our wedding day. The few teaser photos that my husband and I saw were amazing and we are looking forward to seeing the final product. If you can book Pizazz Photography, I would not pass up the opportunity!!

GREAT Photographer! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Carole at Pizazz Photography was a great photographer for our wedding. On a day when there are a million things on your mind, her calm demeanor and “in control attitude” gives you one less thing to worry about. Your pictures are something that will always bring you back to your wedding day and I was so very happy with the teaser-photos that we got. We can’t recommend Pizazz Photography highly enough!

Simply the BEST - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

I highly recommend Pizazz Photography. Carole was creative, energetic, and fun to be around. We had a blast shooting our engagement photo in downtown Memphis. She did a beautiful job. She knew how to work with the natural settings including the sun and where and how it reflected our faces along with issues with the shadowing. I remember driving down Poplar Avenue and suddenly she asked us to just pull over to the side of the road. She had spotted some trees in which she knew would be great for photos. We took some pictures there and it turned out to be one of our favorites. I was really impressed! On the day of the wedding, she was there on time and helped all of us stay on time as well. She made us laugh and smile and it made the pictures turn out nice. She captured every moment of our special day. She was very candid and got the best shots of people laughing, crying, and just being themselves. Album was very creative and just beautiful. I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful job she did. I highly recommend Pizazz Photography!

Great Mid South Photographer - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

The most spectacular aspect of working with this company is the FUN to be had! My husband, family, and myself laughed and smiled non stop. Picture taking was not a chore that people had to spend hours doing. Instead, we spent a good 3-4 hours taking unique pictures that had our bridal party cheering for more. Trust me- we have all been in weddings where taking pictures felt like a prison sentence. When you have your bridal party also having fun - that tells the true tale of the day. If you want the best- this is where you go. Carole and the Pizazz team are fast, kind, efficient, and most importantly have an eye (and the perseverance) for the perfect shot. Believe me....there is not enough wonderful things to say about this company! Thanks Carole

We loved Pizazz Photography - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

The personal service that we got with Pizazz Photography could not be matched. From the beginning, Carole told us that she wanted it to be all about us, and wanted to get to know us. She took us out to a wonderful engagement shoot at The Collierville Town Square (where we met), and the pictures from that already blew us away. On the day of the wedding, Carole was there almost as soon as we were, taking pictures of getting ready and starting to get pictures done of the wedding party (we had a party of 20, so it was no easy feat). She was professional but also fun, which was exactly what my fun-loving group needed. We took pictures in the hotel, out in a fountain, and even of bridesmaid shuffleboard (the Ritz tables are VERY well polished). There is not enough good things I can say about this photographer. I would recommend them to anyone, for whatever pictures they need. They do fabulous work and are fun to work with

Best by far! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

My wife and I could not be any happier with our photographer Carole. My sister and brother-in-law had also utilized her services for their big day and they had nothing but good things to say about her as well. Thus the referral. We loved how she captured "us" in our engagement photos, while still incorporating her own artistic style... which by the way we love. Her style is crisp, clean, and classy. Her abilities do not just stop at photography but her overall sense of how weddings are run allows her to be efficient and effective in capturing every precious moment, from the details of table settings all the way to family portraits. We could not recommend Pizazz Photography highly enough and are glad that at the end of it all... we not only gained a photographer for future events, but a friend as well. Thanks Carole!

Great Service! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

To be honest, a ranking of 5 is simply NOT high enough! From our first meeting, I developed a professional relationship with these photographers that continued to grow as our big day drew near. All I needed to do was tell them a few ideas of what I like, and release the reins. Trust me brides- don't micromanage your photographers. When you let them do their job, they produce amazing results that will blow your mind. We had a very large wedding, about 500 people, and their team stayed with us the entire day, from 10am when I needed them at my house until after midnight, as my reception ran until 2:30am. We hit many amazing spots in Memphis, and our pictures turned out great.

Thanks Pizazz Photography - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

I loved my photographer!!! She was amazing with everything that she did. We went for a Alice in Wonerland theme engagement session and she nailed it! Then she did exactly what I wanted with my bridal portraits. I have yet to see my wedding day pictures but from what I have seen that people took they are going to be amazing. My photographer had such an eye for everything :) I love details and candid pictures and that is what she does. Everything they do is wonderful. I loved working with her. She made all of the pictures so much fun. My husband also loved her, and thought she did am amazing job. Even my father thought she did a great job and believe me that is saying a lot. Pizazz is the BEST

Carole was GREAT - An Eventective User from Germantown, TN

We researched several photographers before selecting Pizazz and we are so pleased knowing, we made the the right decision. Never a regret! Cost, professionalism, and quality are all important factors but what we love and appreciate the most is imagination. Every bride wants her wedding to be a little different and Pizazz Photography delivers that quality.We would recommend Carole to any bride who truly wants her wedding to be be captured as the most important and memorable day of her life. Thank you Pizazz Photography.

We LOVED Pizazz - An Eventective User from Germantown, TN

Pizazz Photography is one of the best in Memphis. Carole and her team are professional and have the talent to take beautiful shots both posed and candid. I couldn't be happier with my experience using Pizazz Photography. We will cherish our wedding pictures for a lifetime!

Great Photographer - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Wow, any photographer who can jump through hoops to help save a wedding from a complete wash out deserves high praise. Pizazz does a fantastic job of learning the Bride and Groom wishes. Strong communication from the photographer before the event. Terrific service on the day of the wedding to handle the extended family efficiently despite a total rain out of our planned outdoor wedding. Can't wait to see the final results - we could tell that they worked very hard to capture the event. We'll recommend Carole and Pizazz photography to everyone

A Photographer's Photographer - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

I can't say enough about Pizazz Photography. First I need to inform you that I was a wedding photographer for 28 years. I assumed when my daughter became engaged I would use a colleague of mine from the business, however, that did not happen. Upon searching for photographers on the internet, I came across Pizazz Photography's site. Carole's pictures are beautiful! I was so impressed with her work - the colors, clarity, and unique creative style were breathtaking. The pictures are almost life-like. When we visited Carole’s studio her photos confirmed our decision, and my daughter and son-in-law decided to book with her. Throughout the wedding day, Carole was professional, very attentive, and most importantly, "always at the right place at the right time!” She captured moments that we didn't even know happened. Carole puts a lot of time and effort into her work and it certainly shows in her pictures. Thanks to Carole, our daughter and son-in-law now have beautiful memories of their most important day! We will GLADLY reccomend Pizazz to anyone we know getting married.

Very Professional - An Eventective User from Germantown, TN

Carole takes charge on your wedding day which is wonderful because you don't have to. She certainly listens to what you want but also knows the "classic" shots that you'll want and makes sure she gets them. She really enjoys what she does which makes her also a lot of fun to work with. My husband and I were very pleased

Great Service!!! - An Eventective User from Bartlett, TN

I can't say enough good things about what a wonderful job Carole did for our wedding! She and her assistants are extremely professional and easy to work with from start to finish. We had an initial meeting and Carole took the time to really listen to what my fiance and I wanted. She was very flexible in scheduling our engagement photos, even doing outside shots in very cold weather. For the wedding, there were two photographers who expertly captured every moment from the set up to the send off, without being intrusive. The finished photos -- over 500 -- are amazing! I laughed and cried seeing all the special moments and emotions he captured on film. She truly excels at the photo-journalistic style, while also providing beautiful formal photos. And, he provides all of this at an extremely reasonable price. I highly recommend Pizazz Photography to any bride!

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Pizazz is the most affordable, most professional, and most artistic photographer we found. She is so easy and fun to work with, and gives you nothing but the best. Her packages are the most reasonable we found, and you receive a lot for your money. She is an honest businesswoman, and will not take advantage of you. Her pictures were personal, and told our wedding story beautifully. We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Pizazz, and it would be hard to find anyone better!

We LOVED Pizazz - An Eventective User from Bartlett, TN

I was lucky enough to find Pizazz Photography on the Internet. Our pictures were the most important part of our wedding so we wanted to work with someone who captured each moment in a very special and unique way. Carole is very professional. Every time I emailed or called her, she always responded within 24 hours. Even if she was traveling or out of the office, she would send me a notification that while she couldn't talk right at that moment, she would get back with me as soon as possible; and she always did. She was very good at making my husband and I feel comfortable, which can be hard in a photo shoot. We asked for pictures that were posed as well as action/life shots and she did an amazing job capturing both. We also had specific requests regarding lighting, and again, she exceeded our expectations. The quality of her pictures was perfect. She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her. In addition, the second photographer she brought to cover our wedding in addition to herself was also wonderful to work with. I feel that her prices are competitive and for what you receive; her services are worth every penny. Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and you want to make sure that you have the perfect photographer there to capture every moment of your special day. Carole is amazing and I am thrilled to recommend her services. My husband complimented her work as well. Seeing as how most men do not always enjoy taking pictures quite as much as women do, the fact that he mentioned how much he enjoyed working with Carole (unsolicited) and was so glad she was our photographer says a lot about her abilities. I am so thankful that we were able to work with Pizazz Photography. If you are looking for a photographer who can capture your special moments, I highly recommend Carole Zelten, and Pizazz Photography. What a joy to work with and our wedding pictures are simply beautiful.

We LOVED Pizazz - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Single handedly the coolest and most forgiving Photo Artist I have had the pleasure of working with! Carole you did such an amazing job for our wedding. Thank you for being so fun and professional all at the same time. We can't wait to remember the best day of our life through your vision. If the rest of the photos turn out half as good as the sneak peeks....WE LOVE YOU!!!!

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Pizazz photography was very professional, and offered great suggestions to make my wedding pictures AMAZING. The teaser pictures she sent out the day after, were an unexpected surprise. We will highly recommend Carole and her team

Pizazz is the BEST - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

We loved our experience with Pizazz Photography! We booked early and told Carole what we were looking for - photo-journalistic but also some traditional photos. We talked about the timetable for the day and then on actual day, she was there and ready to go. Although I have not seen the actual photos yet (just got married last week!), I know they will be great! Carole showed us some photos along the way and we were so impressed. Her personality is easy going and she has some great ideas for poses and shots for the dress and rings. A great deal for photos and we are so happy we went with Pizazz Photography!!

Thank you so much! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

We had Carole for our photographer and she was awesome! She took some really unique photos and all of them turned out beautiful! Pizazz Photography is a wonderful company that really knows how to make that special day as perfect and easy going as possible. They were always very helpful when we called and always were willing to put in the extra effort when needed.

MORE for LESS - An Eventective User from Collierville, TN

What a professional. Carole was great to work with, and her prices were the BEST. We even got more than we had arranged for. All business' should be run like Pizazz photography.

Very Happy with Pizazz - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Being in the wedding business myself, I was very picky when it came to choosing my wedding photographer. I chose Pizazz NOT because I had worked many weddings with them, but because they are the best value, and the most personable photographer in Memphis. She did everything my wife and I asked, and was perfect for our celebration. Thanks so much Carole.

Great Phtographer - An Eventective User from Germantown, TN

Pizazz Photography was a GREAT choice for my wedding. The moment we met with Carole, we clicked. My Mom loved the fact that she gives FREE non-copywriter CD s of our wedding pictures to both our Moms. During the wedding, she blended in, and was never intrusive. We can’t recommend Pizazz Photography enough!

Very pleased. - An Eventective User from Memphis

Pizazz' prices were great, her service was fantastic, and we even received several free things, that other photographers we spoke with charge for! Pizazz is great!

We LOVED Pizazz - An Eventective User from Germantown, TN

Great Photography and very affordable prices. We would reccomend Pizazz to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

Best Choice we made! - An Eventective User from Memphis, TN

Carole was very easy to work with, and provided us with a free CD of all of our wedding pictures. She was affordable, and became a cherished friend during our celebration. We will DEFINITELY refer her in the future.