Louise Browne Master Hypnotist

Loveland, CO
Group Past Life Regression Master Hypnotist Louise M Browne is newly added to the Eventective site, offering a uniquely different twist to your hypnosis event! For any group who considers themselves open to the idea of other lives besides just this one, Louise will take the entire group, no matter how large or how small, to their BEST Life Ever! This one-hour magical journey is not comedy and does not humiliate anyone up on stage. This is for those who would love to experience not only another life, but the one filled with such joy, fulfillment, purpose, security, and happiness, that they want to experience it again in vivid color and emotion, bringing those wonderful and positive feelings back to the present with them so they can start creating their NEW Best life ever, starting now! Everyone would love to feel and see themselves living an incredibly fantastic life! However, in this present life, issues may have created blocks to this feeling and many people don't see life as all that great. Louise guides a magical journey in hypnosis to a life that was amazing, and the entire audience is participating, with no-one left out of the experience! A life where we knew our worth, felt valued and completely accepted for who we were, and had abundance of everything we wanted or needed in that life. Guests will leave the event feeling on top of the world! Not just for an hour. This is a lasting experience guests will love, and the host of the event will have provided a gift that keeps on giving! Louise Browne, CMS-CHt, FIBH is a Master Hypnotist and certified clinical hypnotherapist with an extensive background of in-classroom (not online) training with 600+ credit hours in the course study of most areas of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She is also a registered practitioner with the State of Colorado, and is a "Fellow" with the International Board of Hypnotherapy. Although she is qualified to help with pain management; PTSD; fears and phobias and more, her specialty and greatest joy comes from using the wonderful tool of hypnosis to access the higher mind to allow for a journey to other lives where those lives can help create a better life in the here and now. Louise is available for large or small events, including school events; businesses and corporations; organizations; churches- (those religions who are not opposed to a past-life journey); proms; graduations; parties; etc. Let the "Joy Ride" begin!
$1,000-$3,500 per event
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