White Doves Los Angeles Southern California

111 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA
White Dove Release for Los Angeles & Orange County Our doves are a special pure white bird . they are very loyal creatures and pair for life. This breed is a distant relative of the Rock Dove. The doves Newport Coast White Dove Release LLC. uses and Rock Doves have served as messengers in various cultures throughout human history. Anthropologists have found evidence of doves being used for messenger and ceremonial purposes as far back as the fourth Egyptian Dynasty or 2600 B.C Let our doves of love and hope bring an unforgettable experience to your celebration.This beautiful presentation brings inspiration to you and your guests. This premiere white dove business in the Orange County and Los Angeles, CA venue is an extraordinary service of releasing beautiful white doves at weddings, funerals, and other events. * Weddings * Memorials * Holidays * Sporting Events * Videos Movies * Birthdays * Business Promotions * Anniversaries * Funeral Services * Special Announcements * Christmas * Graduations * Your Occasion * Quinceaneras
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