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Kona Tanning Company is a team of professional makeup artists-turned tantresses, dedicated to filling the world with healthy, beautiful, confident people, one flawless coverage at a time! Our dermatologist-recommended airbrushed tans not only provide our clients with an all-over, sun-kissed bronze, but we are trained to minimize flaws while accentuating each client's best assets. Allow us to shade in those curves, sculpt those muscles or even contour our legendary airbrush abs! Our tans turn out perfect - every time - with no streaks, no odor, and absolutely NO ORANGE TINT. Prepare yourselves to become one of our masterpieces! WE ARE MOBILE Our place or yours? We cater to fashion, print, television / film, commercial, music videos, private house calls, even bridal parties! Our airbrush systems are portable, and our mobile tanning tents allow us to tan anyone, anywhere. Inquire about adding makeup and hair styling to your tanning experience, deliciously packaged for the girl on the go! Through trial and error in the "Kona Lab," we have created the finest recipe of tanning solutions on the market. Our exclusive formula is odor-free, streak-free, and instantly leaves your skin with a radiant mocha glow - and you won't find it anywhere else. Embrace the tan's instant confidence lift, as imperfections such as cellulite, varicose veins, bruises, stretch marks, broken blood vessels, tan lines, and scars are minimized or even invisible….and you’ll immediately look as if you’ve shed 10 POUNDS!!! Your teeth and eyes will appear whiter, your diamonds will sparkle brighter, and your abs will look tighter! The tan acts as a permanent layer of foundation from head to toe, allowing for little to no additional makeup. Models love us because we make them look flawless, makeup artists love the "blank canvas" we prepare for them, photographers love that post-production photo editing is minimal, and fashion designers love how the tan showcases their own works of art! Furthermore, the caffeine and aloe extract additives provide softness and smoothness to your newest and most polished accessory…your skin!
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It Works! Global is a company that provides health and wellness products ranging from weight loss, digestion, to skin care, and menopausal symptoms. There are also products to assist with sleep, reduce stress, and gain energy. Our newest products include essential oils and the diffuser. We also have pre-made packs of products that go well together to help you reach your health and wellness goals.