About Duende Flamenco
Duende Flamenco is a full scale flamenco troupe consisting of guitarists Kenji Bakuya and James Samimi, percussionist/cante Ali "El Poeta" Nourbakhsh, and flamenco dancers Aida, Michoncita, and Justina "La Tinita" Grover, representative of a new generation of flamenco performers who have brought the appeal of flamenco to an international audience. Duende Flamenco performs traditional flamenco staying true to the art always entertaining and providing a memorable listening experience to their audience. Music is an important element for any event as it sets the tone for bringing people together. Duende Flamenco is a group of professional musicians specializing in seizing the moment and establishing the perfect ambiance for any event whether it be a mellow romantic mood, a moderate lively feel or a rapid-fire upbeat celebration. Flamenco adapts to any occasion always providing a profound, memorable experience! With an ever expanding repertoire and a dedication to professionalism and excellence Duende Flamenco is the perfect choice for any event.
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