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Have you been assigned the task of co-ordinating a lunch for your workplace? Depending on your group, it can be tough ordering something for everyone. tries to make that easier with various combinations. You'll find something for everyone in the Lunch Box selection. Choose a crowd-pleasing boxed lunch combo from delicious sandwich varieties. Lovers of hearty sandwiches, reminiscent of homemade day-after-a-great-dinner fare will love Doggie Bag sandwiches. And for the more difficult to please or diet-restricted, try ordering a Lunch Bag just for them. There are 8 individual lunch bag options. Each lunch bag includes a sandwich, a sweet, fruit and sparkling water for one. You'll also want to consider Greens and Goodies for both guilt-free as well as guilt-ridden sides and afters. will always offer the best possible options for eco-friendly packaging and serving. That includes recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging and no plastic. Right now is busy preparing satisfying business luncheons in beautiful downtown Hamilton and waiting to create one for your company. Enjoy hassle-free online ordering for next-day lunchtime delivery to your business.