The Vintage Ice Cream Guys

Fort Lauderdale, FL

About The Vintage Ice Cream Guys

Bring back the MEMORIES and bring back the FUN with an Original Good Humor Ice Cream Truck. Our three trucks bring back childhood memories that span generations. Each truck has a unique personality and style and comes complete with Professional Server in Vintage White Uniform, White Hat and Vintage Change Maker. Our 1949, 1966 and 1969 Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks are fully operational and restored to mint condition. Our Ford F1 and F100 Good Humor Trucks were built exclusively for the Good Humor Company and were modified by Hackney Brothers who added the freezer boxes. The famous Good Humor Ice Cream logo is baked into the porcelain freezer box and looks as good today as it did 50 years ago. Our trucks are “Event & Eco Friendly” equipped with a cold plate freezer which charges the freezer to 25 degrees below zero overnight. This means that we don’t require any electricity or have to have the truck running throughout your event – no wires, noisy generators or fumes to inhale. Our trucks can accomodate both indoor and outdoor venues.