Connexus - Circus for the Senses

Edmonton, AB

About Connexus - Circus for the Senses

CONNEXUS is a multi-disciplinary performance featuring powerful, original music highlighted by breathtaking circus arts and brilliant visuals. With a striking array of talented and skilled performers that range from fire-breathers, jugglers, fire spinners, LED poi artists, composers, musicians, contortionists, stilt walkers, drumming teams, and more, CONNEXUS brings together some of the best entertainers in the country for a spectacular night of inspirational story-telling and circus arts. Paired with CATALYST PRODUCTIONS, every CONNEXUS show is a memory for audiences of all ages. Each CONNEXUS show is designed for venues of all sizes and will take its guests on a spectacular journey of transformation, beauty, and passion of the soul using unique music and enchanted imagery that will capture your imagination. Why book with Connexus? Quality shows equals quality product (shows they are willing to invest in their clients/customers) Allow for a focal point show rather than disconnected periodic entertainment. Allows for a higher quality experience for the audience; something impactful the audience looks forward to. Creates strong positive memories (your company provided positive memories for your customers/clients for years in the future) A unique opportunity to bring new people in and bring awareness to your organization that may otherwise never be interested in attending Creates anticipation for your venue Creates an immersive environment in your space that provides an escape for your audience Immerses the audience in the magic and awe we remember as kids, allowing them to open up their minds creatively (great for employees) You don't cut corners, we don't either. We are completely self-sufficient with complete production crew and are entirely self-contained. We do the work. Customers will only ever return to you after a pleasant experience, give them an unforgettable one.