SafeHouse Chicago

60 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL

About SafeHouse Chicago

If you're looking for birthday party ideas in Chicago, you've come to the right headquarters. We’ll smuggle in your friends, provide you with the best spy service, and light your world up with our famous FB (Fat Bastard Dessert). Drink, eat, and celebrate your birthday at SafeHouse Chicago. Whether you're a junior spy in training, or a full grown adult agent, schedule your party with us today for the most unique birthday party in Chicago. SafeHouse Chicago's spy themed restaurant is filled with spy gadgets and interactive entertainment fit for kids of all ages. We have special orders from Control to make sure that your kid's birthday bash is an unforgettable celebration (without blowing anybody’s cover, of course.) With dozens of spy games, scavenger hunts, and delicious food, they will have a groovy time. We can customize a birthday package fit for your needs - schedule today!

Event Pricing

Dining Packages
$20 - $30 /person
Pricing for parties only
Adult Party Packages
$40 - $80 /person
Pricing for parties only
Venue Types
  • Full Bar/Lounge
  • On-Site Catering Service