Prickly Pear Events

Chicago, IL

About Prickly Pear Events

Prickly Pear Events offers day-of wedding coordination and advance support services for the couple that does much of their own planning, but needs a professional touch to bring it all together. Our transparent pricing and modern outlook on weddings set us apart from the pack. Lose yourself in the romance and revelry, and leave the coordination up to us! About the Director of Events, Cecil Hynds-Riddle: I believe that your wedding should reflect your personality and values. I support your vision and make your wedding run smoothly - however you celebrate and whomever you love. Traditional or modern, quirky or formal, and all family arrangements - I'm here for you. I have managed hundreds of events over the last ten years. Whether it's weddings, fundraisers, or large conferences, I'm a pro at event logistics. I'm cool under pressure, and a magician at transforming "oh no!" moments into "wasn't it funny when..." memories. Beyond my expertise, I bring a cheery disposition to your celebration. You and your guests will be blissfully unaware of the details moving around behind the scenes because I keep a smile on my face and a cool head on my shoulders. So grab your beau and do-si-do! I'll do the rest. Services Include: Pre-Wedding Planning Check I check that you’ve thought of everything to make your wedding day fabulous – with plenty of time to make it right if you haven’t. Vendor Coordination I check in with vendors in the weeks before the wedding, I make sure your orders come in just right on the wedding day, and I coordinate all day with all vendors including the DJ, photographers, and caterers to run a well-oiled wedding. Managing Every Last Detail, All Day Our list will be full of things that must be done exactly right, at exactly the right moment. I take care of everything. Set Up and Clean Up I oversee set up so your vision comes together perfectly, and I manage clean up after you’re whisked away at the end of the festivities. Troubleshooting Snafus Plan as you might, there will be something… and I’ll be there to make it right. Peace of Mind I take care of everything so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the biggest and best party of your life! Many couples think that once they’ve booked their vendors and designed their decor, everything will come together on their wedding day, but running a wedding takes a lot of attention to detail. As your day-of coordinator, I amp up the fun by making the day run smoothly. Hand over the clipboard to me, so that you and your loved ones can celebrate together!