A New Leaf

1820 N Wells St, Chicago, IL


TO DIE FOR - An Eventective User from CHICAGO,IL

Gorgeous wedding/reception venue in a fantastic part of town. Not the easiest place for parking but I found something along Stockholm only a few blocks away - even in my 5-inchers I was okay getting from my car to the venue. Small but pretty upstairs space where the wedding took place. Wood floors, brick walls, so fantastically Old Town. Perfect for my friend's 60-guest wedding. Cozy, intimate, special. Downstairs and next door (all connected inside) for cocktails and food. They had a couple of traditional round-tops in the front area (for older folks who wanted to sit inside), the back area was a bar set-up and a couple of food tables (buffet but catered by her chef-friend so it was delish), and then there's the beautiful garden outside with scattered side tables and seating. Again, perfect for this particular group of wedding guests, mostly comprised of friends who weren't turned off by the absence of a traditional seating arrangement. The garden got more and more beautiful as the late afternoon faded into dusk. Back inside for the speeches and dancing! Large upstairs with wrap-around balcony overlooking the main floor - speech-givers stood upstairs looking over so everyone in the group on the main floor had a perfect view. Then we all joined them upstairs on the dance floor, with more bar set-ups upstairs (of course!). Truly lovely place to tie the knot, as long as you plan to keep the guest list exclusive

good flowers - An Eventective User from chicago il

Last year my next door neighbor, who is also my good friend and my barber, lost his mother suddenly. When that happened, everyone in our community wanted to show our love and respect by getting him some flowers and some gift cards. I came up with the idea to go around and collect money and donations from everyone who knew my friend in the general area. Once i collected enough money, i went online and i found a new leaf florist in chicago. When i checked the inventory i was impressed by what they had and the low prices. I went on to call the florist to see if they had any more deals or discounts and to my surprise the customer services waisted no time explaining to my what the could offer me for the money that was trying to spend. Since i was a first time customer, the customer service representative gave me a set of flowers for free, and she included a giant card for everyone who chipped in to sign. Once i gave it to my friend he was very pleased and even asked where i got the flowers from because he wanted to use that company for his mothers funeral. When i gave him the information, he did just that, and i highly recommend this florist for all of your flower giving needs.