Joe Clarke Big Band

P O Box 32092, Charleston, SC
The Joe Clarke Big Band gathers together the finest musicians in the Charleston area. The band has been performing in and around South Carolina for the past 10 years. In that time, we have done our part to keep this genius inspired, American art form in the public eye. We have been featured in numerous local television shows. Also, we have played hundreds of wedding receptions, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings. Joe's reputation even lead to the opportunity to be employed as a technical consultant in the Movie "The Notebook," which was filmed here in Charleston. The scene he worked on required an all African American Big Band. Through Joe's extensive contacts through out the State he was able to provide the film with actual musicians for the scene. There was a point that the director was considering using actors. Say it ain't so. Well, enjoy the rest of the site and be sure to contact Joe if you need anything having to do with music for your very special event.