5307 desoto place, Bradenton, FL

About Nexxlevel

NeXXLevel is a high energy dance band that won't let your party skip a beat!!! Entertaining the Southwest Florida area since 2011, they have been a staple in the high end clubs of the area. There are few dance bands that can raise the level of your party and keep it there all night like NEXXLEVEL! No matter what your song tastes are, be it R&B, Funk, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Top 40 or Hip Hop this band is sure to touch your "dance button"! For all your party needs NeXXLevel is the band for you!!!!......and remember.....Ain't no party like a NeXXLevel Party cause a NeXXLevel Party don't stop!!!!!! July 2014, Sarasota County Transit Authority rolled out a new advertising campaign to increase consumer riding SCAT buses. They hired NeXXLevel to write, perform and appear in a commercial to promote this riding campaign. This video was awarded 'BEST OF THE BEST' campaign against all of the Florida counties. NeXXLevel is truly a hometown story. Founding members Troy Nichols of Sarasota and Pierre Harris of North Port met while working out at the George Mullen Activity Center, near City Hall off Sumter Boulevard. “I would go work out there in the mornings and Pierre, who’s also a minister of music at a local church, was working out there, too,” Nichols said. “That was seven years ago.” Since then, Nichols, 47, and Pierre, 37, who supply the vocals and keyboards, split off from a group called The Crashers, and over the last three years added North Port bassist Dan Stoppiello, 33, Fort Myers guitarist Joe Pariseau, 34, and drummer James Varnado, 47, of Sarasota. Within a short time, NeXXLevel began booking gigs in North Port, Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Arcadia, Siesta Key, Fort Myers, Captiva, Naples and St. Petersburg. “I’m from Philadelphia originally and Pierre is from New York,” Nichols said. “The others are from Texas, Louisiana and New Jersey. The significance of our name NeXXLevel is there is no limit to the next level. There’s always another level. Also, the XXL represents Pierre and me as the two founders who, by the way, wear double extra-large shirts.” The band plays a wide mix of music ranging from the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker and Stevie Wonder to Rick James, Gap Band, The Commodores, Bob Marley and many more. “We like to call ourselves a dance band,” Nichols said. “We may start with a low-key Frank Sinatra song and before long we’re doing Van Morrison. We play classic rock, R&B, funk, alternative rock — we do a little bit of everything. We’ve got about 300 songs in our catalogue. We’re lovers of music and we have no set play list. We see who’s in the crowd, we see what works and we take off with it.” The group has also started performing original songs and recently won a local contest, pitting their music against five other bands. “We won that battle of the bands,” Nichols said. “We got a thousand dollars and a recording contract. We also do a radio show on Tuesday mornings from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on WSLR 96.5 FM in Sarasota called ‘Tuesday Morning Soul School,’ and we’ve put together more projects with original songs.” One such project was a commercial for Sarasota County Area Transit. NeXXLevel repurposed the song “I’ll Take You There” by the Staple Singers into “We’ll Take You There,” showing all the local transportation options SCAT bus service provides. The music video won an award and can be seen on their website, along with other samples of their work. Battle of the Band Winner - 2014