A Premier Entertainment

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About A Premier Entertainment

Looking for a Fun Reception? ... Don't want a "Cheesy DJ"? ... Wish there was a safe choice for entertainment so you have one less thing to stress about? Your search is over! We have been helping brides have the kind of receptions that their family and friends have been raving about ... even years after the wedding! With us, experience is the most important thing ... your experience! Our clients usually fall into 1 of 3 catagories. - The price conscious bride that was terrified about getting a cheesy DJ that would either just give them a "cookie-cutter" reception or worse, be one of the DJ horror stories that they have heard about. They are excited because we are able to give them a great entertainment choice with so much more then they thought possible at their price point. - The bride that has a budget, but is willing to pay a little more for quality. They were struggling with finding a DJ that could give them a much more personal experience and help them bring their vision to reality. These brides are extremely thankful that we were able to give them lots of options without breaking the bank. - Then we have the Bride that has money, but is worried about going with someone that is going to take advantage of them and look to upsell them to death. They appreciate working with us because we have lots ot offer, but consult with them to get just what they need to make their wedding perfect. If you fall into any of the above 3 catagories, please contact us to see if we can help you have the wedding reception of your dreams!