Flyberry events

1318 Thurlow street, Vancouver, BC

About Flyberry events

Flyberry is a Vancouver-based boutique event agency specialized in designing and delivering European bespoke events that are insightfully tailored to your audience. With roots in the fashion houses of Europe and the luxury retail market, we draw on inspiration from around the world to create and captivate. As a full-service agency, our clients entrust us with ensuring the smooth production and operation of their most important events. You want to entertain your guests and enhance your brand? We give life to your ideas and make each event a spectacular moment. From prestigious trade shows and annual conferences to intimate corporate lunches, product launches and client appreciation events - we have you completely covered so that you can focus on what’s important to you. We are committed to sustainable solutions in the event industry and to operate a responsible business. We are pushing boundaries to create luxurious events without compromising the world we are living in. Markedly memorable. Unforgettably unique. Elegantly evocative events.