Nebraska Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars

September 6, 2023 * Lincoln , NE

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Nebraska's Savvy Seniors Empowerment Series September 6th 2023 - 55+ Senior Living Options

Retirement communities and 55+ active adult living options are popping up all around the Lincoln area and in every other city in the country. But what are they exactly? What do they offer me as a senior? Where do I even begin? During this 90-minute panel discussion, learn the facts about local senior living options from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the senior living industry.

Come and be a part of our candid conversations addressing the pressing challenges and choices in senior living. At Nebraska Seniors, we are committed to empowering our 55+ community with the truth and essential tools for living healthy and fulfilling lives. To achieve this, we proudly present a diverse range of engaging seminars specifically designed for seniors.

Our seminars cover a wide array of topics, all aimed at providing seniors with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward their overall well-being. We believe that by offering these valuable insights and resources, we can enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives and make well-informed choices as they embrace their golden years with vitality and joy.

Join us for the exciting launch of our new initiative, Lincoln's Savvy Seniors Empowerment Series. These seminars are entirely FREE and rest assured, there will NEVER be any sales pitches involved. Instead, you can expect genuine conversations with local experts who understand the unique and complex issues facing Nebraska's seniors. Together, let's embark on this journey of aging with wisdom and empowerment.

Nebraska's Savvy Seniors Empowerment Series About Us!

Navigating Truth Amidst Information Overload - Illuminate the Path Forward

We live in an era where information is abundant but often muddled by misinformation and half-truths. Seniors who have witnessed the evolution of communication from a simpler time find themselves facing a challenging dilemma. Every decision, from healthcare choices to financial planning and lifestyle adjustments, requires sifting through a barrage of conflicting data. NSSES has emerged as a guiding light to provide invaluable, unbiased insights and empower seniors to cut through the chatter, discern the truth, gather knowledge, and make informed decisions.

Picture seniors gathering in a comfortable space, engaging in meaningful discussions, and gaining insights from expert speakers who bring decades of experience to the table. In a world where constant information bombardment can lead to confusion and anxiety, NSSES stands as a beacon of clarity and empowerment. These seminars are changing the lives of seniors in Nebraska and beyond. Seminars are hosted and moderated by Alicia Chrastil and TJ Chrastil, Senior Real Estate Experts at Nebraska Realty. From healthcare options to financial planning, from social engagement to lifestyle transitions, the seminars delve into the core matters that concern seniors in today's world.

All are welcome! These seminars are sponsored by local professionals free of charge to give back to the Lincoln Community that has blessed them and their families for decades.

Free seminars are held the first Wednesday monthly at Suite One-Eleven 6891 A St #111, Lincoln, NE 68510 Seating is limited, please RSVP to Call Alicia Chrastil at 402-499-8147 or register here!

10:00 AM
Attire: Casual
Suite One Eleven
6891 A Street #111
Lincoln , NE

Explore Exciting Living Options

Many seniors envision spending their lives in the comfort of their family homes, surrounded by cherished memories. However, alternative living options can provide excitement, activity, and assistance, particularly when health or financial circumstances evolve. Come explore available choices, ensuring you are well-equipped to make informed decisions for your future.

Discover Exciting Living Alternatives: From active adult communities to retirement villages and assisted living facilities, learn about options that offer engaging activities, vibrant social interactions, and personal care as needed.

Gain Financial Insights: Recognizing that financial considerations play a pivotal role in decisions, experts will discuss different financing models and cost-effective strategies to ensure comfortable and worry-free living arrangements.

Plan for Changing Health Needs: Gain invaluable insights into living options that cater to changing health needs, and preemptive planning to guarantee seamless transitions.

Be inspired by firsthand accounts from seniors who have successfully navigated living transitions, sharing their experiences, and highlighting the benefits of embracing change.

This workshop empowers seniors to assess their current living situation, evaluate their needs, and develop personalized plans tailored to their unique circumstances.

Join us! Registration is now open. For more information, call Alicia at 402-499-8147