Avant- Garde William & Company Floral Design Studio - Tucson

Tucson, AZ
About Avant- Garde William & Company Floral Design Studio - Tucson
Avant Garde is composed of four elements. Color is the harmony of nature. Arranging that harmony is the secret to Avant-Garde's success. Unexpected combinations of texture and hue bring a refreshing approach to fulfilling an addiction to the boldest and most daring of nature's beauty. Pattern to some is symmetrical. To others, pattern is asymmetrical. To Avant-Garde, pattern is opportunity. Patterns can be incorporated by thoughtfully mixing a variety of shapes, reflections and colors in any setting or environment. It is an element not of repetition, but of arrangement. Sophistication is an aura. For every design challenge, Avant-Garde brings forth the knowledge and foresight to accentuate that glow, to go beyond the traditional and utilize a combination of class and beauty with a twist of the unusual. Style is the essence of individualism. Bringing that style to life is Avant-Garde's distinction. By listening, learning and gaining a sense for each client's unique personality, dramatic results can be achieved to reflect the vision of the most discerning tastes. This is our philosophy and this is who we are.
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