About Petrichor Duo

See Petrichor Duo perform at www.petrichorduo.com! The refreshingly refined sound of the Petrichor Duo is equally fitting on the concert stage and in a crowded bar or restaurant. Guitarists John Oeth and Andrew Smith met while they were Teaching Assistants pursuing graduate studies in music at ASU. They have recently performed at the David Lloyd Wright House, Tempe Center for the Arts, the Phoenix Art Museum, Mesa Arts Center, the Tempe Arts Festival, and the Desert Botanical Gardens. The Petrichor Duo bring their expertise and chemistry to recently composed music, including pieces written specifically for their duo. They are also excited by interesting guitar music in any genre, and regularly play their own arrangements of pop songs and jazz tunes. A normal Petrichor Duo concert features classical masterworks alongside well-known hits, and cutting edge compositions alongside spur-of-the-moment improvisations. View more videos and contact us at www.petrichorduo.com!