Kar Fre Flowers

1126 E State St Sycamore, IL

This company will truly leave you Kar-Free, An Eventective User from Sycamore, Il

I would like to recommend Kar-Fre Flowers of Sycamore, Illinois because of the many great experiences I have had with this business. As one of the only private florists in town, Kar-Fre relies on local customers to stay afloat: unlike large flower firms that contract out. My most recent experience with this business was a few weeks ago when I ordered flowers for a friend of mine in the hospital. Usually I am greeted with a lovely ""hello, how may I help you"" and this time was no different. The associate informed me of all the ongoing discounts and special packages before I informed her of the situation. After making several suggestions to me over the phone, I chose the bouquet that suited my needs. Realizing that the location I was sending flowers qualifies for a special discount, the associate provided me with more than just ten percent off the order, she provided me with peace of mind and a certainty that I would return to the establishment. On other occasions, I have seen the workings of Kar-Fre at local events like weddings, funerals, and graduations. Each time the work is beautiful and from what I have been told to be assembled at very reasonable prices. Because Sycamore is a small, rural town and the surrounding area does not have many opportunities to deliver flowers, I and my friends, family, and residents regularly buy from Kar-Fre, as many have done over the past three decades, and will continue to do so until flowers are no longer part of society: hopefully that will never happen.