Meir Photography

741 Edgemore Dr., Sun Prairie, WI

About Meir Photography

So, you may be asking what or who is Meir Photography? We are a husband and wife team and we love to photograph weddings! Denise and I are both romantic and artistic people, so weddings give us the perfect outlet to create and capture romance through our photography. What other time is there in peoples lives that they are so in love and excited to be together? That’s why weddings inspire us to create imagery artfully and elegantly that will stand the test of time and stir your emotions each time you look at your photographs. We enjoy finding unique perspectives and lighting that will emphasize the love between you and your partner. We create images that will evoke the emotions that you were feeling on your wedding day and images that you will pass on to future generations as heirlooms! We believe that having your memories preserved in beautiful prints that are created artistically and in a way that captures the feelings of your day is an investment that is priceless!