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50 Beaman Rd, Sterling, MA

About Audrey Cutler Photography

Worcester MA Wedding Photographer- Audrey Cutler Photography and Photo Booths specializes in wedding photography that is personal, natural and vibrant. We service engagement photos and wedding venues in Worcester, Central Massachusetts, Boston and Rhode Island. Wedding Photography that is PERSONAL: We take a personalized photography approach to every wedding...with a focus on what you as a couple want to capture for your most important day. Wedding Photography that is NATURAL: Wedding photography with a focus on real moments - truthfully telling your wedding day. Our goal as your wedding photographer is to capture you both just the way you are – the way you love each other, your family & your friends. Wedding Photography that is VIBRANT: We capture the most precious moments of your special day- the emotions, the beauty of that day, with an artistic vibrant approach. The moments that ""tell the story"" of your love. About Audrey Cutler Wedding Photography: Audrey and Cody Cutler, owners of Audrey Cutler Photography & Photo Booths love to spend time with their family at the beach, hiking mountains, and camping. They believe their love for family is reflected in their wedding photographs and in their ability to bring out the personality of clients. ""We both still get emotional at weddings. You may catch us wiping a tear or shooting each other the “Aww, OMG!” look from across the room. Ahh, we love everything about a wedding day. Cody jokes that when we go out and shoot it is like a date for us. (For real, it is.)"" ""<3 We come from families of those who serve. We are elated to work with those who give so much of themselves to the betterment of others. We see you – teachers, police, fire, ems, medical professionals and military service members. We appreciate you. <3"