Mister Softee Texas

2545 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake, TX
Mister Softee trucks are available for company picnics, fairs, corporate parties, birthday parties and other events. We offer soft service ice cream sundaes, soda floats, cones/cups, banana splits, and shakes. We do all the work! Just show us where to park and we are ready to go. It is that easy! This leaves you, and all parties within your event to enjoy the ice cream. Mister Softee began as a dream by Jim and Bill Conway back in 1955. The two brothers began experimenting with the idea of selling soft ice cream and delivering the sweet treats into local neighborhoods. The Conway brothers were employed by Sweden Freezer Company in Philadelphia (an ice cream machine manufacturer). It was late winter in 1956 and the two entrepreneurs were looking for a way to celebrate their Irish Heritage when they rigged up an old truck with an ice cream machine, added green food coloring to vanilla ice cream and drove through the streets of West Philadelphia on Saint Patrick’s Day. Well as the story of success goes, the brothers sold out of their ice cream, even well within the grips of a typical North East Winter and quickly gained the attention of their Uncle Pat, a successful Philadelphia restaurateur. Uncle Pat staked them some money to purchase a better GM Truck and the two were off by summer under the name Dairy Van. It wasn’t long before the Conway brothers realized they needed room to expand their business building more ice cream trucks. The company moved across the Delaware River to New Jersey and began implementing new ideas to market their business and improve the efficiency of their “Ice Cream Stand on Wheels” and create an identity for the business. This is how Mister Softee was born. In 1960 the Conway’s commissioned a Philadelphia Advertising Company to create a radio commercial to promote their soon to be famous business. A song was written for this commercial, known today as “The Mister Softee Song”. This jingly-jangly tune made its way onto the airwaves in the Philadelphia area by summer and the brothers quickly decided to add music boxes with speaker to the trucks announcing that Mister Softee was in the neighborhood. The ubiquitous summer evening tune (‘The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream, you get from Mister Softee”) has been luring millions of children and their parents to those red, white and blue trucks for over fifty years. Mister Softee of Texas was born out of a fond memory of those trucks by a student of the SMU Cox Business School. Joe McSweeny, who admitted “spending his paycheck” on Mister Softee milkshakes and ice cream cones when he began his advertising career in New York City, decided to test market the concept in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Encouraged and guided by Professor David Croson of the Cox Strategy Department and others from the Cox Entrepreneurship Department, Mr. McSweeny decided to bring the Mister Softee franchise south, to the great state of Texas. Today Mister Softee is the World’s Largest Ice Cream Truck Company, with over 650 units in 15 states and numerous Countries around the globe. Children from as far away as Australia, China, Europe, Great Brittan and Hong Kong enjoy the very same “Sweet Treats” American kids have grown to love. As the franchise begins its metered growth in the metroplex, we hope you too will come to love “The Very Best.”
Serving the Southlake, TX Area
Happy Hostess is a full service catering company located in the heart of DFW. We are a scratch Southern Kitchen featuring tried and true favorites of the South, as well as new flavors sure to please you! We are founded on the principle that good food should be made from the freshest of ingredients with no preservatives or additives. We love to do weddings, corporate events and even small at home parties. Chef Laura, the owner, attends each event to ensure that your expectations are met and our clients are happy!
Serving the Southlake, TX Area
Many elements can make food a pleasurable discovery rather than simply something to eat. At City Kitchen, we dedicate ourselves to produce the highest quality and most innovative items for your event. Not only are we providing our clients with delicious food but a creative expression that will heighten the joy of your guests. Precise and exceptional. These are words that come as second nature to our dedicated staff. Our staff takes great pride in the individual effort of providing service that brings a worry free smile to you. City Kitchen excels in the opportunity to make our fine food the focal point of your event.