Camelia Latinjazz Band

480 Mystic Ave, Apt 308 Somerville, MA
The group exists as a trio (3-piece), quartet (4-piece), quintet (5-piece) and sextet (6-piece). All 4 sizes share the same song list, which consists of 2 categories: popular American jazz songs performed with Latin rhythms, and well-known Spanish songs performed with new arrangements and added jazz solos. The trio (or quartet) specializes in "non-interfering" and "non-boring" live background music and can be as mellow or upbeat as needed or wanted. And by using a hand percussion (bongos or congas) instead of a drum set, it also takes very little space and will fit in any corner. For outdoor shows, festivals, concerts, and other more lively occasions, the sextet (or quintet) is preferred. The instrumentation of the trio consists of: Spanish-electric guitar, keyboard (which is also in charge of the bass part) and a hand percussion; and for the larger ensembles a separate bass and more percussion are added. The style can be best described as: instrumental Latin rhythms with jazz solos. The group has added jazz improvisation not only to the salsa rhythm (which is more common), but also to the merengue, cumbia, bachata and bolero, creating this way what they call: “salsa-jazz”, “merengue-jazz”, “cumbia-jazz”, “bachata-jazz” and “bolero-jazz”. The bolero-jazz and bachata-jazz are focused on when a more mellow type of atmosphere is needed or wanted, while for livelier occasions the salsa-jazz and merengue-jazz are emphasized. (To watch live video performances of the trio, quartet, quintet and sextet, please go to "LiveVideos" on the bands website or to and click on "videos". ) The "Camelia Latinjazz Band" performs regularly at private events and less frequently at public places. It typically charges for weddings $200 per person for the first hour and then $100 per person for each additional hour, plus a travelling fee if non-local. For private company/organization events, the price is $200 per person for the first hour and $50 per person for each additional hour, plus the travelling fee if non-local. And for public venues or events, the price is $100 per person for the first hour plus $25 per person for each additional hour, plus the travelling fee if non-local. Note: A non-local performance is any performance requiring travelling of more than 30 minutes, from Berklee Performance Center [136 Massachusetts Ave, Boston] to destiny. The fee is $10 per musician for each additional 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes, rounded up to the next 10 minutes and determined by Mapquest or GoogleMaps [calculated without traffic]. Roderick Camelia is a native of Curaçao, a Caribbean island, a full-time musician and a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. He plays lead guitar within the group, as well as serving as its musical director and manager. He comes from a musical family and is well-versed in most Latin and Caribbean styles. The group is based in Greater Boston, MA, USA.