Luc and The Lovingtons

Seattle, WA

About Luc and The Lovingtons

Biography Luc & The Lovingtons are a World-Soul-Hip-Pop band out of Seattle Washington. Known for their raucous live shows but also their powerful message, their music takes the listener on a worldwide journey through Nigeria, Chile, the Methow Valley, Kingston, Detroit City and Seattle WA. Luc & the Lovingtons’ diverse membership yet unified soul allow them to authentically mix Hip Hop, Afro Pop, Latin and Roots Reggae with spices of Motown soul. With a social emphasis on their music and the knowledge of the power of Love, Luc & The Lovington’s know that songs must be accompanied by action. Front man Luc Reynaud founded the band after his trip back from New Orleans, where he was taking part in relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. While there, he collaborated with some displaced kids to create “The Freedom Song". 5 years later in February of 2010, two time Grammy award winning artist Jason Mraz discovered “Freedom Song” and struck by the music and its story, began to cover it around the world. Since then the Lovingtons have performed on a national tour with Mraz, selling more records than any other opening act in Jason's touring history. Jason Mraz has just released his latest album; LOVE Is A Four Letter Word, and he features a cover of The Lovingtons Freedom Song! “..One of my new favorite groups, I think they’re one of the most heart- -centered bands out there today” –Jason Mraz In November 2010 Luc and The Lovingtons performed at The Freedom Awards Ceremony in L.A. The ceremony honors the top humanitarian leaders fighting against modern slavery today. The Lovingtons are set to release their sophomore album “Send My Love” in Seattle on November 11, 2011. The album inspires listeners to feel all the levels of Love, embracing the totality of its power. “As constant learners of the many shapes of love, this album reflects both the greater love we wish to propel ourselves into, as well as the one we are living in. We want our listeners to join us in a love that moves, a love that gives,” says front man Luc Reynaud.