Life Purpose Palmistry

Seattle, WA

About Life Purpose Palmistry

My brand of entertainment is Life Purpose Hand Analysis-- it's scientific hand analysis meets old school palmistry. By ranking your fingerprints, high and low, I reveal to you the archetypes responsible for the state of mind you're here to thrive in most; the Life Purpose, and the challenges you are here to do to get to your life purpose; the Life Lessons. I look at the shapes of the hands and fingers, the lines, gift markers, texture and tone of skin, and more to reveal your potential behaviours, and what kind of progress you're making on your purpose. It is an entertaining, fun, and insightful process. I'm available for small and large groups, weddings, showers, birthday parties, and more. I offer ink printing, in multiple colors, which is the fullest extent of a reading, and can reveal so much the live hand won't. I'll let you and your friends ink your own hands, I'll give a small basic class on palmistry, and read for each person. I can do 5 min quickie readings, 15 min sit down readings, couples and relationships, and I do it all with a great sense of humor, charisma, and talent. Please contact me about your event, tell me what you have in mind, and I'll quote you doable price. I'm flexible with my time and skills, and even though Life Purpose Hand Analysis is a system for self-awareness, it's still entertaining as hell! Joey