Beneva Flowers & Gifts

6980 Beneva Road, Sarasota, FL


Beneva Flowers: Voted #1 Florist in Sarasota for almost 15 Years! - An Eventective User from Sarasota, FL

Beneva Flowers is by far the best florist in Sarasota… possibly in all of Florida. They have been voted number one florist in Sarasota for somewhere around 15 years now. They blow away the competition, hands down. They are one of the only florists with a real “system” for handling weddings and special events. Instead of talking to you, telling you what the cost is, and not really seeing you again until your wedding day, Beneva Flowers comes across as if your wedding is the only one they’re handling. You’ll meet with your designated wedding consultant, although the entire design team is at your disposal. The consultant will be your main point of contact, and will send you a professional proposal including all the details you discussed. You can tweak it all you want, they will work within your budget, and always send you an updated printout of your proposal. They even give you the consultant’s cell phone number to reach them 24/7 for emergencies! It doesn’t get better than this… On top of that, their flowers are far superior to anyone even remotely nearby. They import their flowers from all over the world – Holland, Hawaii, Ecuador, etc. Their Roses are incredible, and so are their tropical flowers. There just isn’t enough to say about Beneva Flowers. Most importantly, they are there for you in every way possible on the day of your wedding. Need something last minute? No problem. Forget to order a corsage for Aunt Judy? No problem! Something go wrong? They’re on top of it. Do NOT sacrifice price on your wedding day…. Go with a trusted name like Beneva Flowers & Gifts.