Fancy Flush, Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

P.O.Box 7143, Santa Rosa, CA

About Fancy Flush, Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

Fancy Flush is locally owned and operated by husband and wife team, Roman and Heather Seifert. We are based out of Santa Rosa, CA and travel all around the Bay Area to deliver our Luxury Flushing Restrooms. Fancy Flush has a variety of washroom sizes and styles to meet your needs and desires. Each restroom comes standard with on board water, lights, flushing toilets, flowing sinks, décor and supplies; our LUX series also features Climate control, larger stalls and music. Our fancy flushers can be found at weddings, large and small gatherings, corporate events and production sets. If you are planning on having a backyard wedding or event and don’t want people trekking through your home, then these luxury restrooms are a must. Have bathrooms on site but are worried about lines, adding another 2 or 3 stalls could ease this worry. Want your soiree in the middle of a field with no water or power; no worries these trailers are portable, self-contained and go just about anywhere. Fancy Flush is not just another portable toilet company. Heather and Roman dedicate their time to focus only on Luxury Restroom Rentals. Perfectionist from the start they took months looking over all features and details of restroom options before purchasing their first one. Since then the focus has been to constantly maintain and update not only each restroom but also customer service, billing system, and website to make things easier for you. Fancy Flush understands that it may be a new territory for you when looking into restrooms and you may not know where to start. Contact us today and we will walk with you through all your questions, concerns, pre, during and post event procedures. We look forward to making your day special.