Chance of Rain

Santa Rosa, CA

About Chance of Rain

Chance of Rain runs on the forefront of a revolutionary change in music, spearheading a wave of alternative perspective to the very identity of sound itself. Defying classical limitations and throwing off the restraints of music theory, COR has opened up an access way to a whole new realm of music. Chance of Rain, the solo artist Ryan Carrillo, is excellent for your live event. Professionally done, COR offers two distinct atmospheres. 1) Mastering the piano, Mr. Carrillo provides classy slow jazz. This easy-listening music is excellent live background music for any formal party, dinner, or show event. 2) Simply acoustic guitar and vocals, Chance of Rain also offers fun interactive performances, showcasing cover tunes as well as original songs, all in PG lighthearted fun. * * * * Contact/Booking: *NOT DISPLAYED* Websites: *NOT DISPLAYED* 03 * * * *