The Magic of James Lantiegne

15500 W. Telegraph Road, B15, Santa Paula, CA

About The Magic of James Lantiegne

At age 9, James received a magic kit for Christmas. From that moment James knew he wanted to be a magician. He grew-up in New England where he studied and perfected his skills. James has grown into an award-winning magician and comedian, entertaining audiences of all ages throughout the United States. His performances range from close-up to large stage productions. James is known for his storytelling, unique charm, and quick wit. He is a talented magician, comedian, and entertainer. He is all about connecting with his audience, keeping them actively engaged through the whole performance. James believes in delivering every routine with 110% energy and commitment. Every effect performed is designed to dazzle and amaze the audience. There are no fill routines to lengthen his show; every effect is a homerun. Today, he is not only a professional magician, but he runs a local magic shop and is the Executive Director of a non-profit that takes magic beyond the stage and into our communities, through outreach, physical therapy, and working with people who experience challenges.

Event Pricing

Parlor Magic Show
Attendees: 0-150 | $495 /event
Pricing for all event types
Magic of Life
Attendees: 100-1500 | $1,795 /event
Pricing for all event types
Close-up | Strolling Magic
Attendees: 0-500 | $325 - $550 /hour
Pricing for weddings and parties only