The Moscone Center

747 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA
Max Capacity: 105,984 people
Package Pricing
Event Spaces
East Mezzanine 200
East Mezzanine 200-212
East Mezzanine 202
East Mezzanine 203(VIP)
East Mezzanine 204
East Mezzanine 206
East Mezzanine 208
East Mezzanine 210
East Mezzanine 212
East Mezzanine 214
East Mezzanine 216
East Mezzanine 218
East Mezzanine 220
East Mezzanine 220-226
East Mezzanine 222
East Mezzanine 224
East Mezzanine 226
East Mezzanine 228
East Mezzanine 228-230
East Mezzanine 230
East Mezzanine 232
East Mezzanine 232-234
East Mezzanine 234
East Mezzanine 236
East Mezzanine 236-238
East Mezzanine 238
Esplanade 300
Esplanade 301
Esplanade 301-310
Esplanade 302
Esplanade 303
Esplanade 304
Esplanade 305
Esplanade 306
Esplanade 307
Esplanade 308
Esplanade 309
Esplanade 310
Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Space-Hall A
Exhibit Space-Hall A, Hall B & Hall C
Exhibit Space-Hall B
Exhibit Space-Hall C
Exhibit Space-Hall D
Exhibit Space-Hall D & Hall E
Exhibit Space-Hall E
Exhibit Space-Halls A, B, C, D & E
First Floor-Lobby
Gateway Ballroom-102
Gateway Ballroom-103
Gateway Ballroom-104
Gateway Ballroom-Rooms 102-104
Meeting/Banquet Space-130
Meeting/Banquet Space-131
Meeting/Banquet Space-132
Meeting/Banquet Space-133
Meeting/Banquet Space-134
Meeting/Banquet Space-135
Meeting/Banquet Space-Hall E (Rooms 130-135)
North Lobby 15300
North Meeting Space 120-125
North Meeting Space-110
North Meeting Space-111
North Meeting Space-112
North Meeting Space-113
North Meeting Space-114
North Meeting Space-120
North Meeting Space-121
North Meeting Space-122
North Meeting Space-123
North Meeting Space-124
North Meeting Space-125
Second Floor 2000-2024
Second Floor-2000
Second Floor-2001
Second Floor-2002
Second Floor-2003
Second Floor-2004
Second Floor-2005
Second Floor-2006
Second Floor-2007
Second Floor-2008
Second Floor-2009
Second Floor-2010
Second Floor-2011
Second Floor-2012
Second Floor-2014
Second Floor-2016
Second Floor-2018
Second Floor-2020
Second Floor-2022
Second Floor-2024
Second Floor-Lobby
South Lobby 13500
Swing Space-100
Swing Space-101
Swing Space-105
Swing Space-106
Third Floor 3000-3024
Third Floor-3000
Third Floor-3001
Third Floor-3002
Third Floor-3003
Third Floor-3004
Third Floor-3005
Third Floor-3006
Third Floor-3007
Third Floor-3008
Third Floor-3009
Third Floor-3010
Third Floor-3011
Third Floor-3012
Third Floor-3014
Third Floor-3016
Third Floor-3018
Third Floor-3020
Third Floor-3022
Third Floor-3024
Third Floor-Ballroom
Third Floor-Lobby
West Mezzanine 250
West Mezzanine 250-262
West Mezzanine 252
West Mezzanine 254
West Mezzanine 256
West Mezzanine 258
West Mezzanine 260
West Mezzanine 262
West Mezzanine 264
West Mezzanine 266
West Mezzanine 270
West Mezzanine 270-276
West Mezzanine 272
West Mezzanine 274
West Mezzanine 276
very spacious - An Eventective User from Orinda, California

Moscone Center West is a very spacious space. It can handle 10,000 people very well with the exception of their bathrooms. It is very modern and has many windows. It's close to Bart, very nice if you don't have time to park. No wonder why there are always festivals here. Don't buy their foods, there $7 for a hotdog. Just go outside when you're hungry and get some food along the street. And there beverages are just slightly below room temperature. Free Wi-Fi was great, it's annoying when public places don't offer free Wi-Fi. I do have a complaint about the bathrooms, and amenities. It's guaranteed that there bathrooms will be, spaced very far apart, and dirty. Although Wi-Fi is free, you won't imagine how fast you will go through your battery. In no time you will be looking for an outlet that's not in use. I personally recommend to go looking near the entrance. There seems to be an odd spacing of outlets. This is one of those buildings where you get shocked by the space inside. Very tall ceilings will greatly accommodate any object you have that's oversized. For example, I had a small little blimp flying around toting an ad. I had great doubts that my little blimp will be able to fly in such a space but I was proven wrong. Parking is awful but this is San Francisco, you better get used to it. This particular building is more equipped to handle crowds then the other Moscone centers. It doesn't have the smell most convention centers seem to have. The buildings clean, and modern, but good luck with the bathrooms and outlets.

Venue Types
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 105984
  • Total Meeting Room Space (Square Feet): 636,076