Pump It Up

201 Mendell St, San Francisco, CA
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Pump It Up
Jump, slip, and slide all together! - An Eventective User from Orinda, California

Pump It Up is well known by other parents as a great destination for kid's parties. No matter whose birthday it is. My kid's friends seem to all have their party here. It's either the bright colors or the wonderful fun that attracts so many kids. And your kids will defiantly get a work out playing there. Pump It Up is set up with 3 different rooms and the rooms have activities like jumpers, soccer, air hockey, slides and more. I had to scold my son for drinking the water too fast. But he was no doubt thirsty from all the jumping and sliding. And it was nice to hear that sound refrigerated water fountains make, I remember the extremely hot days when I was a kid and how rare a chilled water fountain was. Pump It Up is best for any size party. Even for rare coincidences like when I accidentally messed up the birthday time and no one came (except family) and they still had a blast. It's amazing to see 5 year olds using all their energy. After the play time, the group gathers in their party room. It was one of those regular party rooms with painted walls and such. One important thing is to arrive on time. Missing out on 5 minutes of play time is devastating. It's also important to bring cake but you can request that they get pizza if required. This place is blast and time flies since you're having fun, their party room will make your child feel like today their day and it real is.

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