President Obama Impersonator Barack Alike

San Francisco, CA
Ever wanted to invite the President to attend your event? If he is too busy, contact President Obama Impersonator Michael Bryant, aka Barack-alike to speak on behalf of your special occasion, meeting or event to the shock and delight of everyone present. Not only is Michael a dead ringer for President Obama, he has also perfected the President’s speech patterns, gestures and sense of humor. He has dazzled audiences impersonating President Obama with comedic speeches and photo-ops for individuals and corporations since early 2009. If you are looking for the best entertainer or entertainment in the San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Silicon Valley and Napa Valley area, why not have the 1st impersonator of the POTUS tailor something especially for your event? From concept to implementation, he will work with you to deliver a premium and gratifying event experience. What are your needs and goals? Perhaps he can help you NOW! Check out his reviews & testimonials.