Jasmine Wang Photography

1435 Bay Street #2, San Francisco, CA

About Jasmine Wang Photography

Based in San Francisco California, Jasmine was born and raised in China, and has been working in Asia, Europe and United States as an artist. Through a decade of experience in music, dance, photojournalism and the fine arts, she has developed a truly unique perspective for photography. With formal training in music, dance, painting and of course photography, Jasmine has a wide range of tools and experiences that she draws from as she engages in her photographic productions. Focusing on light, shape and form, Jasmine's images capture not only moments, but also the energy and essence of her subjects. In addition to her many private and commerical productions, Jasmine has been publishing her work through publications including the Christian Science Monitor, Random House and many others. Her fine art work has been displayed online and featured in many art publications.