Ghost Jazz Trio

5555 main street, San Diego, CA

About Ghost Jazz Trio

Ghost Jazz Trio is an instrumental Jazz act, performing original songs and Jazz classics and other Jazz genres including; Smooth Jazz, Shuffle, Blues, Bossa Nova, Fusion, Latin Jazz. The trio tailors the music to the energy level of the event experience with ambient background Jazz grooves. The Ghost Jazz Trio performs for large and small events, wedding receptions, club venues, corporate events and B-days, private in-home cocktail and dinner parties. We play Jazz covers by George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, including songs like Breezin, Midnight Blue, Road Song, Pat Metheny songs including Phase Dance, Minuano. We are 5-star rated on Gigsalad and other band vendor sites. We are an instrumental Jazz act. The Ghost Jazz Trio would love to be a part of your next event, helping it be a success! The performers all have individual looks and showmanship that provides the professional stage presence for public venue shows. The members wear classic corporate and private event attire; collared shirts, dress slacks, and can wear suits and ties upon request. When planning a wedding reception, you want a band that can play mellow Bossa Nova and ballad Jazz as guests arrive and during dinner. As the attendees drink more and mingle you want a band that will play more upbeat Jazz grooves that make them want to move. Per the host's discretion, they can request the trio to start and stop playing throughout the event as needed for announcements. The Ghost Jazz Trio can play Smooth Jazz and other Jazz genre styles throughout the event, including Shuffle, Swing, Blues, Bossa Nova, Fusion and Latin Jazz. The trio adjusts the material and volume level as guests drink more and the noise level and energy picks up, as apposed to traditional Jazz bands that play a set standard Jazz list regardless of the rooms energy. Trios cost less and take up less room. Per the host's discretion, they can request the trio to start and stop playing throughout the event as needed. No PA is needed and we provide all our own gear. No song or genre requests are accepted or will be considered. We play a little of everything so all of our event reviews are 5-star rated with complete satisfaction. You don't want blaring sax or vocals that disrupt conversation. We look forward to hearing back from you. Please read and agree to the additional policies and conditions listed, before booking the Ghost Jazz Trio. Additional booking policies: The host agrees to provide parking for all members of the band including covering all parking fees at private and public parking lots. The host agrees to provide adequate electrical, lighting, ventilation at performance area of the venue. The host agrees to provide complimentary meals and beverages to the trio at events that feature food and drink for guests. No song or music genre requests will be considered or accepted by guests or hosts during the performance. The trio takes a 10 minute break every 50 minutes for events over one hour or more.

Package Pricing

Ghost Jazz Trio Performance Rates
Attendees: 10-500 | $300 - $2,400 /event
Pricing for all event types
  • Special Features: The Ghost Jazz Trio provides the perfect background ambient music for weddings, corporate and private events in San Diego, CA