Beau Maitre d'

1551 union st, San Diego, CA

About Beau Maitre d'

Beau Maitre d' is beauty and excellence. Beau translates to "beautiful" in French; Maitre d' roughly to "someone who over sees execution of service". This being the foundation of what Beau Maitre d' is. We commit to bringing beautiful people providing beautiful knowledgeable service to the table every time. We integrate a visually engaging dynamic to the hospitality industry through re-imagining the traditional service industry, and allowing it to be reassembled, and customized, to the client's personal vision. Beau Maitre d' understands that the people you decide to surround yourself with are a direct reflection of you, and you are Beau. So let us help you elevate and expand the quality and excellence of your next event!