Melisa Chandler, Photographer

San Clemente, CA

About Melisa Chandler, Photographer

Melisa started shooting photographs in the early 1990's when we first came to California from Texas. Her first pictures were of kids and families and were usually taken in and around Lighthouse Field State Park in Santa Cruz where we lived. Taken on a medium format Bronica she purchased used from the now defunct “Camera Club” in Santa Cruz, CA, she learned the hard way through trial and error with a lot of help from the local Santa Cruz photography community. She also did apprentice and professional work with a local wedding pro named Susan who taught her the ins and outs of professional wedding photography. After moving from Santa Cruz to San Clemente in 1999, Melisa spun up the business in Southern California and rebuilt her client list. Eventually dropping weddings except in rare cases, Melisa continues to focus first on kids and families but has added corporate clients, schools and local teams over the years, being especially well known for her participation in local school fundraisers for many schools in San Clemente. Today, a lot of smiling faces and happy customers later, Melisa has more experience than she’ll ever talk about and the Bronica camera she started with still sits on the shelf over her desk. As we write, our computers are faster and the cameras are digital – but the fun of what we’re doing hasn’t changed since Smile number One. Focused Portrait Photography Melisa focuses on the following areas, with a goal to deliver more photos for your dollar and give you more choices and an easier buying experience than you’ll find with other photographers. We deliver ALL services online, often completing corporate work for remote clients in the US and Canada. Children and Kids Photography, Family Portraits (and Friends including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Lizards, you name it.), School or Sports Team Photography and Fundraisers Clubs or Associations (Youth and Adult), Corporate Head Shots and Promotional Photography Full Digital Editing and Retouching Capabilities: You are hiring Photoshop professionals. Melisa has about 7 years experience with digital workflows and print fulfillment with a focus on digital retouching and document restoration (references available). As Melisa’s husband and assistant in the digital aspects of the business, I have used Photoshop for almost 13 years with published credits back to “The Web Design WOW! Book” (Peachpit Press, 1998). My focused is on digital image and video creation/production, with a focus on creative digital photography and concept work. We both enjoy the challenge of honing our digital skill sets and offer experience-backed full retouching and digital photo editing services at unbeatable rates. From simple clean up of the casual stray hair to full head and body replacement or background switching, we’ll happily discuss your digital editing and retouching needs as part of our services. Photos. Life. Take Notes.