Travis Schultz & The Rutmakers

San Antonio, TX

About Travis Schultz & The Rutmakers

The professional performance make them easy to work with and exciting to listen to. You will hear Country Music, Classic Rock and even a few surprises to keep you on your toes. they also include a fiddle, accordion and sax, all real instruments no senthesizers, in alot of songs to keep the performance fresh. *** *...** Three out of four members of this band have been playing together for over twenty years. These experiences have made each member very professional when performing at an event. Travis Schultz and The Rutmakers have performed many large events including the Texas Folklife Festival and shows with the Texas Music Hall of Fame Johnny Rodriguez. Also Playing with Jason Allan. Their high-end instruments, sound equipment, and lighting structures are able to handle any venue big or small. *** *** Every member has grown up in and around the San Antonio area, making local friends and fans of all ages. Social networks and live performances, have been a great way to build up a fan base. Every fan is notified of an upcoming show via a message to their computer. Posters are also displayed for everyone to see. Travis Schultz and The Rutmakers personally hand out, and pin up posters everywhere to get the most people in your doors. They are committed to what they do and enjoy playing music for people, and want people to come and listen as much as you do. *** *** If you are interested in having Travis Schultz and The Rutmakers play for you and customers of all ages, please contact Travis at *NOT DISPLAYED* or *NOT DISPLAYED* to schedule a booking.