About Urban League DJs

Why Us? We connect with you and make sure we know precisely how you envision your event. When your day arrives, we are prepared and ready. We work with your event coordinator to ensure everything goes smoothly. For example, we will let the photographer, videographer, bride and groom, etc. know well in advance when I'll be playing the first dance song or when we're getting ready to do the garter and bouquet toss. Other than that, it's our philosophy that the bride and groom shouldn't even wear a watch. They should just enjoy the day and their guests and leave the details up to me and their wedding day coordinator. All of the hard work is done and it's time to have fun and enjoy the day!


Wedding DJ - An Eventective User from Sacramento

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING AND FANTASTIC! And that is the biggest understatement of the DJ aspect at our wedding. My wife and I have never planned anything big enough to require a DJ, let alone a wedding. We planned everything for our wedding ourselves on top of working and going to school and it got hectic. It was a stressful experience and when it came to picking a DJ, we were apprehensive with everyone we talked to. Then after one meeting with DJ John we made our choice and are so glad we did. From the start of things he was on top of everything. He's actually the one who set the date exactly 2 weeks before our wedding and he told me, "I know it's just you two planning your wedding, so let's have everything with us finalized June 1st, 2 weeks before the day so we can be on point And it can be perfect with you guys". DJ John and I kept in touch and the majority of the phone calls were made from him to me because I was slacking, it wasn't me calling him. In our initial meeting we set up times and signed a contract but some time for the reception wasn't planned as it completely slipped my mind. When I told DJ John about it, out was without hesitation he said he'd be there early to take care of it for me and to not worry and he sure did! We also set up a mother/son dance where the 1st song slowed down as if his equipment was malfunctioning, then 6 different songs with different styles of dances came on. He had that set up when he said he would and it came out better than perfect! DJ John was perfect from the time he got there, to taking the initiative to set up a deadline for us to be finalized, to the songs he played and when he played them getting a feel for crowd and playing the right song. He was very friendly, professional, well mannered and respectful, dresses to impress, his announcements were awesome and on point with them; even reminding me about the itinerary during the wedding as it was madness and I was being pulled 1,000 different directions. He's one of the handful of people to say our 11 letter last name in my whole life The right way especially when it mattered most. Not to mention the kick ass deal we got for this destination wedding. He played a part in this once in a lifetime experience that, thanks a huge part to him, turned out to be a perfect day that will never be forgotten. As there was no hesitation with him when he said he'd be early and take care of a mistake I made with the reception, there will be none with me when anyone asks me about a DJ or whenever we need one again. DJ John is who we're going with. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! If you would like to talk to me personally and have questions, ask DJ John for my number and we can talk. Thanks, SARAH C