Great DJ = Great Price? - An Eventective User from Sacramento, California

With DJs I learned last year that you get what you pay for and this year looked much harder. Our budget was slim but last 2 years we had bad DJs who were horrible on the mic and didn't play requests. These were guys right out of the phone book with big ads. Should've been good? Nope! Enter Mike Flanagan. Had seen him at a wedding once awhile ago out of town so when I saw he was in Sac I was happy. Even more enjoyable was that he price matched the other "big name" DJs. He is easy to work with. Played all our requests and added perfect songs to the mix. He is great on the microphone as he was never too much. I know. You think that all DJs are the same. Well I can tell you they are not. Everybody is a DJ now-a-days with laptops and mp3s. Mike Flanagan is an Entertainer and well worth his price which was in the norm for the area. Don't pay less as you will regret it. Shop around for bargains on the unimportant stuff like decorations. Entertainment is too crucial to your success. I'm using him again next year. Already booked. I think there is another DJ using A Better DJ so be careful. Mike Flanagan is who we used.