Sailing tour in the Pacific Ocean for up to 6 people

835 Hopkins Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, Redondo Beach, CA

About Sailing tour in the Pacific Ocean for up to 6 people

Our company provides its clients an incredible two-day, one-night cruise onboard one of our spectacular 28-30-foot sailboat Catalina with a qualified captain. Through a memorable cruise, «SAIL BLUE OCEAN» provides its clients with the opportunity to de-stress and forget about their everyday concerns. Location - ?pen ocean: 835 Hopkins Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Travel start from ports such as Redondo Beach and Long Beach. Price: 135$/1 hour (min time - 3 hours). Need to know: - You can rent a boat without a captain. - Reservation required - you can call or write us. - The maximum number of travelers in a group is six. - Pet’s friendly, children of any age are allowed. - The main rule is no rules. Captain: Lester Ford Mail: *NOT DISPLAYED* Text us: - 1 *NOT DISPLAYED* ? What You'll Get - A captain who will take you wherever you want to go; - An exclusive opportunity to get behind the wheel and raise the sail; - An incredibly picturesque view of the Santa Monica Pier, Malibu coast, Redondo Beach, and Catalina Island; - A huge selection of tours upon arrival to Catalina Island, including safari, bison, bathyscaphe, and more. - Our company does not object if you bring your own food and drinks. What's included: - A place to sleep; - Snacks and beverages; - Freedom to select among a professional photo shoot, a romantic date, a wild boat party (for up to six people), a search for dolphins and whales, scuba diving (equipment provided), or open-ocean fishing/swimming. Everything is permitted at our firm! - Access to the sailboat infrastructure, which includes an inflatable boat, a kayak, sun hats, and sun cream. Book a tour and experience unforgettable emotions: Weekdays: $439 for 3 hours $549 for 4 hours $699 for 6 hours $799 for 8 hours Weekends: $469 for 3 hours $549 for 4 hours $749 for 6 hours $849 for 8 hours «From the moment you step aboard, to the very finish of your trip, the boat belongs to you» - once said a captain to a passenger. So came our slogan.