Jammin' DJ Mobile entertainment

Pittsburgh, PA


Excellent for a wedding or other event - An Eventective User from Mary Esther, Florida

We chose Jammin' DJ Mobile Entertainment located in North Conway, New Hampshire for our wedding in based upon a recommendation from a friend who had used them for a party in the months prior. Although our event was different than the event our friend had held, we were confident that Jammin DJ would do a good job for our wedding. Music was provided for our ceremony and reception. The DJ provided all of their own equipment so we did not need to worry about anything. The facility where our ceremony and wedding reception was held worked directly with the DJ to set up placement, tables and such to ensure everyone involved was prepared for the day of the event. We were able to provide specific songs for specific events during our wedding such as the music prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, after, etc., first dances, cake cutting, dollar dance and such. They were great in asking us what music to play for which event, even ones we completely forgot about having.. such as the cake cutting songs. All in all, the Jammin DJ was very helpful and everything went on without any problems. The prices are reasonable as well, be sure to specify the number of hours you need and as how much it would be for additional time if necessary, and that they will be available for extra time prior to or after the scheduled time, just in case! We highly recommend this company and think anyone will be pleased even if the function is a small party or a large wedding!